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GMAT - 2024

GMAT Focus Edition: March 15th to July 20th

Key Features:

  • Live Sessions: Engage in 3 to 4 live sessions every week, with one session scheduled on weekdays and two on weekends. A minimum of 50 live sessions will be conducted, with a weekly schedule provided for your convenience. All sessions will be recorded for future reference.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basics to advanced levels, every aspect of the GMAT will be covered meticulously.

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in long sessions as you progress through the preparation stages. These sessions will delve deeper into concepts and strategies.

  • Resource Access: Gain access to basic videos covering both Quantitative and Verbal topics, along with 10 sectionals each for Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights. Topic tests will also be available to reinforce learning.

  • Mock Tests: Prepare effectively with 10 full-length GMAT mock tests, designed to simulate the actual exam environment and assess your readiness.

  • Planner Tools: Stay organized with daily and weekly planners provided to structure your study routine effectively.

  • Exam Strategies: Learn exam-specific approaches, shortcuts, and optimal usage of available options to maximize your performance on the GMAT.

This comprehensive GMAT Focus Edition offers a structured approach to GMAT preparation, ensuring thorough coverage of all topics and ample practice opportunities to excel on exam day.

What you will get out of this

  • 3 to 4 Live Sessions in a week.
  • (A to Z) Data Sufficiency coverage.
  • Live discussion of all mock tests
  • Topic tests will be provided
  • Conceptual Videos will also be provided.
  • You will get a weekly schedule of sessions   (Recording of Every live Session will be updated)
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