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SNAP Mocks

Course Features -

15 Full-length Mocks before SNAP - Slot 1: Sharpen your skills with realistic, full-length practice exams to boost your confidence before the actual test.

5 Extra Mocks after SNAP - Slot 1: Extend your preparation beyond the exam date to ensure you're ready for any challenge.

Detailed Mock Analysis and Solutions: Gain valuable insights into your performance with in-depth analysis and solutions for each mock test.

Access till 23 Dec 2023: Enjoy extended access to the course materials, ensuring you have ample time for review and reinforcement.

Mocks Begin on 29th Nov: Start your preparation journey early and stay ahead of the curve with timely mock exams.

What you will get out of this

  • 15 Full-length Mocks before SNAP - Slot 1.
  • 5 Extra mocks after SNAP - Slot 1.
  • Detailed Mock analysis and solutions.
  • Access till 23 Dec 2023.
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