Online Classes Don’t Attract Me Much? Will They Be Able To Help Me Clear CAT? Check My Preparation Journey With EG.


Overcoming Skepticism: How Online Classes with EG Helped Me Clear CAT. Check Out My Preparation Journey!

During my third year of college, I realized that I wasn't passionate about my engineering stream and didn't want to pursue further studies in that field. Many of my classmates were heading to Hyderabad for GATE coaching, but I knew that wasn't the path for me. That's when I heard about a local Time institute offering scholarships through an exam. I decided to give it a shot and was fortunate to receive a significant fee waiver, so I enrolled. However, after attending a few classes, I felt like it wasn't going anywhere for me.

Then came CAT 2016, and I saw my seniors' results and selections. I began to feel that maybe CAT wasn't meant for average students like me. I eventually got placed in a decent MNC and gave up on my CAT preparation. But in 2017, I wrote the exam again and scored 88.88, still not satisfied with my performance. In 2018, I made half-hearted attempts and scored 84.9.

That's when I heard about a friend's brother who was preparing with EG, an online coaching platform. Initially, I dismissed it, thinking online coaching wouldn't be effective. But then my friend's brother scored a whooping 99.8, and he told me about a teacher named Hunny Malhotra, who had a unique way of teaching math concepts. Intrigued, I watched a YouTube video of Hunny Sir explaining set theory and realized that EG could be the game-changer for me.

I joined the second batch of EG and struggled with LRDI, one of my weak areas. In the beginning, I could barely solve more than one set in the mocks, and even got a negative score. But with time, and the support of Gaurav Sir, who was like an angel with his classes and inbox support, I improved. By the end, I was comfortably solving 4-5 sets in the mocks, a significant improvement.

I was also relatively okay in VARC, but I decided to solely rely on EG for my preparation. I attended or watched every single class by Sushant Sir and Shazar Sir, and their teachings became my foundation for VARC. And of course, Hunny Sir's classes were legendary, even though many people in my home state of Kerala didn't understand Hindi. But we all looked forward to hearing "beta change to all panellist and attendees" every evening, knowing that we were about to receive the best instruction. His classes, tricks, and motivation, including the pep talk at 7:00 am on CAT day, were unforgettable.

Despite my result not being what I had hoped for or prepared for (97.47), I have no regrets because I truly enjoyed my CAT journey with EG. Life doesn't always go as planned, but I've learned to be optimistic about life from my incredible teachers at EG.