My Journey From 74 To 96.24%Iles In CAT. If I Can Do That Then Anyone Can. Here’s My Story

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"My Journey from 74 to 96.24%iles in CAT: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can! Here's My Story of Perseverance and Success."

In 2016, I began my preparations for CAT with TIME Tambaram, but my first attempt resulted in a disappointing 74 percentile. I realized that CAT was not as easy as I had initially thought. Despite my efforts, my dream of getting into a good IIM seemed unattainable, and I ended up working with Infosys in Bangalore after my second attempt yielded an 85 percentile.

However, I refused to give up and decided to focus even more intensely on my preparations. It was during this time that I came to know about Elitesgrid (EG) and the renowned faculty members, Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor. I learned that Gaurav sir was a wizard in DILR, and I felt like I had missed out on something crucial in my previous attempts.

Without wasting any more time, I joined Elitesgrid and attended classes by Hunny sir and Gaurav sir. Joining EG was the best decision I made. Although I missed a few classes, the DILR Booster and Quant Booster provided by Hunny sir were game-changer for me. I even set my alarm tone to Hunny sir's voice, and my family members heard Gaurav sir and Hunny sir's voices more often than mine!

All credits go to both of them for their guidance and support.

To all future CAT takers, I urge you to bow down to my heroes, Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor, and surrender yourself to their teachings. Follow their advice, and success will be yours. As Hunny sir says, "RAB RAKHA!"

My CAT journey went from 74 percentile to 85 percentile, then to 91 percentile, and finally to an impressive 96.24 percentile overall. My scores in VARC, DILR, and QA were 96.24, 81.83, and 96.84 percentiles respectively.

I hope my story inspires others to never lose hope and keep striving for their dreams. With dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, anyone can achieve their goals, just like I did.

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