Why Elites Grid Or Which Coaching For MBA? | Smit Parikh's Success Story


Why Elites Grid Or Which Coaching For MBA? | Smit Parikh's Success Story

With Elites Grid, I have finally achieved my first satisfactory result. I won't say it's a good result, as I believe it can be even better with Elites Grid. I am thrilled to share my #JourneyWithEG with all of you, as I owe my current position to Elites Grid.

In 2017, I joined an offline institution (the one with the largest enrollment ????). Just a month before CAT, I stumbled upon Elites Grid's Facebook group and saw Hunny sir's posts. I was surprised because I had never been taught that stuff before. During the CAT exam, to my surprise, the questions matched with Hunny sir's posts. That's when I decided to join Elites Grid the following year.

In 2018, I messed up because I couldn't handle the pressure of the tough QA section. But this year, I performed well, and all thanks to Elites Grid and its mentors.

CAT 2019: 97.90% Quant: 98.67% Hunny Malhotra, you're ❤️

Quant: The amount of practice that Hunny sir made us do, whether it was in the form of events, boosters, or revision sessions... and again revision sessions... and again revision sessions (yeah, when you're with Hunny sir, revision sessions keep going until you can say the topic names before he starts teaching them. Aap chronology samajh rahe haina❤️)

LRDI: One of the best faculties for LRDI, Gaurav Kapoor. He provides a proper systematic approach for each and every topic, even for unconventional sets. Also, Elites Grid will be the first coaching institute to introduce LRDI revision sessions. You can't imagine the feeling you get when you see the CAT LRDI section and find 6 familiar sets in the paper.

Verbal: I wasn't good at this section, but I want to thank Sushant Kohli sir for all his help and support. Practice is the key here. Keep giving sectionals, and you'll excel even in tough papers like CAT 2019.

I would like to end my note with a quote from Hunny sir: "Quant toh sab padha denge, koi IIT graduate banda bhi Quant padha dega, but jab 10 mahine preparation karni hoti hai toh sirf knowledge se kaam nahi chalta. Tumhe koi support chahiye jo ye kehta rahe tum kar sakte ho, and yes, you can improve whatever your current position is!"

And you can count on me for that. Elites Grid will provide you with the support you need throughout the year.

"Elites Grid ke sath rahiye, depression and demotivation door rahoge." Thanks for all the support and motivation, EG team ❤️

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