How a non-engineer prepared for CAT and cracked CAT with 99.75 percentiles?

CAT 2023

How a non-engineer prepared for CAT and cracked CAT with 99.75 percentiles?

Sanjana Rout's CAT Preparation Journey.

I joined ElitesGrid in April 2019, initially apprehensive about online coaching as I was unsure about being taught by teachers I wouldn't be able to see and the convenience of the timings. However, my perspective changed after my very first class with Hunny Sir. He made sure to engage us throughout the class, stressing important points, repeating concepts to clear doubts, and answering queries patiently. The timings that I initially found inconvenient turned out to be a fruitful utilization of my time, leaving my evenings free for self-study.

Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir are undoubtedly the best teachers I have ever had. Being a B.A. student, I had lost touch with mathematics when I started my CAT preparation, but Hunny Sir made sure that it was never a hindrance for me. His explanations were lucid, bringing perfect clarity to the topics, and he would repeat points multiple times to help us understand better. His patience was unmatched, and I have never seen a teacher who was as dedicated to ensuring our understanding.

For LRDI, Gaurav Sir was exceptional. He covered every possible type of sets that we might encounter in CAT and encouraged us to attempt sets on our own before explaining them. This helped us develop independent thinking skills, which are crucial for LRDI.

What sets ElitesGrid apart from other coaching institutes is not just the regular classes, but the extra effort put in by Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir. They went beyond their role of teaching and stayed with us throughout our preparation journey, providing advice on how to improve, boosting our confidence when we felt low, and helping us stay on track. Their dedication was unwavering, and I would have given up much earlier if not for their constant support.

They conducted mock test discussions, helped us analyze our mistakes, and even conducted revision sessions to ensure that we retained everything. Hunny Sir revised the entire syllabus at least 4-5 times before the actual CAT, and even in the last two days before the exam, he revised the entire syllabus twice. There was no chance of forgetting anything he taught us.

In the last month of preparation, Hunny Sir created a daily schedule for us, listing down what needed to be covered each day. This was immensely helpful, especially as a fresher, as I was overwhelmed with what to cover in such a short time. They also conducted live sessions to discuss test strategies, boost morale, and instill confidence, which was much needed in those nerve-wracking days before the exam.

Until the day of the CAT, they stood by us, ensuring that we gave our best. After CAT, they motivated us to not dwell on the results and start preparing for IIFT without wasting time. Their dedication was unmatched, and they never let us give up. They reminded us that one exam does not define our future and that we have multiple chances ahead of us. Their constant words of comfort and motivation helped me immensely, especially during my lowest points.

I am grateful to ElitesGrid for my performance in the exams so far, and I don't know yet if I will get into a good college, but I owe a lot of my preparation success to EG. The classroom teachings were exceptional, but it was the unwavering support, guidance, and motivation from Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir that truly made a difference in my preparation journey.

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