My Journey From CAT 2018 – 88.24 Percentile To CAT 2019 – 98.87 Percentile.

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Hello Everyone, this post is all about my CAT preparation journey with the ElitesGrid Team. So if you are a CAT 2020 aspirant do read the below:

CAT 2018 journey-

I came to know about EG around September 2018(I still regret ki pehle kyun nhi pta chala). I had seen their LRDI playlist videos on their YouTube channel and immediately decided to join any of their available courses at that time. After I attended the first LRDI booster class, I knew that i made the right decision by joining EG. The way Hunny Sir and Gaurav taught is something I had rarely seen. The sheer hard work and dedication they put towards a student’s preparation is simply brilliant. Although I was not scoring much in mocks(90-95%ile range) i was confident that I could score better in CAT 2018.

Fast forward to CAT 2018(the disaster)- I scored 88.24%ile. In IIFT also i missed the overall cutoff by 0.21 marks. And the Last nail to the coffin was put by XAT where i missed the call because of VARC. I was totally disheartened and pinged Hunny Sir. I still remember what he said- ‘Ek last try to banta hai’. Gathering all the courage I started my CAT 2019 journey.

CAT 2019 journey-

Studying the same stuff again was difficult, but I had no other choice. I started preparing again with EG. Then during the classes I came to know many formulae and approaches that i never knew before. The best thing about their teaching methodology was that they forced us not to stick to a particular approach to a problem. Also I had never such teachers who would solve 100s of doubt questions till 4-5am.

Taking 10-12 hrs of classes, numerous revision sessions till 23rd November 2019 was something I had not expected from an Online coaching. it was like ki Unki dedication and Hardwork dekh kar Murde bhi kabr se nikal kr CAT prepare krne lag jaye.

Jokes apart, My scores in Oct- Nov mocks started crossing 99%ile regularly and i was confident that I could score a 99.5+%ile in CAT 2019.

CAT 2019 Result –

After attempting the VARC section, i knew that the paper was tough. But as we have been told a hundred times by Hunny sir and Gaurav sir that ‘Ek section ka impact dusre section pe mat aane dena’ , hence i forgot about VARC and started LRDI. but due to previous year debacle in LRDI i was not able to attempt a single question in the 1st 15-20 min, but I didnt lose my calm and attempted 17 questions in the next 40min. This confidence i carried on to the QA section which was my favorite one. I could literally hear Hunny sir’s voice- ‘ Easy question pehla round, r2 me difficult ones, use options, put values etc’.And I ended up attempting 28 questions.


VARC- (46 raw) 93.xx%ile
LRDI- (39 raw) 93.xx%ile
QA- (71 raw) 99.69%ile
OA- 156(raw) 98.87%ile

After this I can only say that ache teachers sirf wo nhi hote jo ache talented students ka score aur acha krwate hai but wo hotey jo mediocre and below average students(like me) ka score Acha banate hai.

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