My Journey From 7 Marks To 42 Marks In LRDI And From 23 Marks To 45 Marks In Quantitative Aptitude


My Journey From 7 Marks To 42 Marks In LRDI And From 23 Marks To 45 Marks In Quantitative Aptitude.

I can assure you that unlike Ananya Pandey my struggle with QA and LRDI was very much real and EG has turned out to be Karan Johar for me.

It all started with a casual attempt at CAT 2018 where my raw scores for LRDI and Quant were 7 marks and 23 marks respectively. Only VARC was the saving grace which helped the OA 92.37%. And then it hit me hard that even after being an engineer and performing quite decently in Maths during undergrad, Quant was something different and required a different set of qualities than what you might have required till date. Same with LRDI. So I started preparing on the basis of some random mocks and some coaching class ka study material. I still remember the day when Kaiwalya Deshpande told me about EG and how he was able to balance his hectic job and studies due to night lectures. I then joined EG in the mid of 2nd batch and the journey from that point has been very structured and I could see gradual improvements in my mock scores. The way Gaurav Kapoor sir helps clear each and every doubt, the way he structures the solution and forms frameworks for typical LRDI puzzles is something I have not seen anywhere else.

Hunny Malhotra EG sir has been my savior for quant as my speed and accuracy both were pathetic at the start. Frankly speaking, I had never done this much revision for any exam in my life and all that credit goes to Hunny Sir. When every other online class head wants to flaunt their exam scores to gain more people next year, Hunny sir canceled his flight for the exam so that he can take a last revision for dm for all the students disheartened with cat results. He always makes it all about the students.

Shahzar Khan sir’s mock analysis and varc attempt strategy was immensely helpful and increased my saturated varc scores to the next level.

I feel like I have let down these amazing teachers because of lower-than-expected scores this year even after having high potential and mock scores. but all I can say is all these teachers gave their 100% so that everyone can be successful regardless of whether the person is an EG student or not and that’s the best part about EG and its teachers.

Journey of DILR from 7 marks to 42 marks and for Quant from 23 marks to 45 marks was only possible due to Elitesgrid. Thank you ❤️

CAT 2019 OA 97.87
Varc 97.17
Dilr 96.37
Quant 95.33

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