Journey From 78 Percentile To 96 Percentile In CAT


Transform Your CAT Score: My Journey from 78 Percentile to 96 Percentile

After watching some demos and YouTube videos, I decided that this institute was in a different league and enrolled straight away. Most people aim for 20 questions in QA for a 99 percentile, but Hunny Sir said "99 is something that even a sleeping person can achieve". Thank you, Sir, for letting us know that there is a whole world beyond that, or else we would never try to push our own limits. I was able to attempt 90 percent of the questions in QA but unfortunately made some unforgivable silly mistakes (like getting a standard function question wrong). Despite that, I still scored in the 98 percentile.

It's not something to be proud of, but what I mean is that the preparation provided by the coaching was so strong that even if I made some mistakes, it still seemed good. I don't know about other coaching institutes, but I do know that Elite's Grid helped me to achieve a 60 percentile in the mocks. I must have cried in front of Sir ten times, but he always talked to me and motivated me. He provided support until the last minute, even coming on live to the Facebook group. Yesterday, I missed my flight to revise DM (Data Management).

Looking at my scores from 2018, I never thought I would achieve such a difference this year. Back then, I was crying to get into Wellingkar Bangalore, but this year the scene is quite different. Thank you, Hunny Malhotra Sir and Gaurav Kapoor Sir, from the bottom of my heart for helping me come so close to my dream.

Elitesgrid has proven that an average person can achieve wonders with good guidance and support in CAT and other MBA examinations.

VA 85, LR 93 QA 98 OA 96.27

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