Should I Trust Online Coaching For My CAT Preparation?Here’s My Preparation Journey With EG.


"A Grateful Journey with Gaurav Kapoor and Hunny Malhotra: How EG Helped Me Ace CAT 2019 Despite Initial Doubts"

Introduction: When I decided to prepare for CAT just three months before the exam, I was initially directionless and skeptical about online coaching classes. However, my perception changed when I stumbled upon Gaurav Kapoor's videos on YouTube. His teaching style was so captivating that I took a gamble and joined the third batch of EG. Little did I know that this decision would change my life for the better.

My Roller Coaster Journey with Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor: Throughout my preparation, my journey with Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Despite staying far away from home and feeling homesick, I realized that CAT preparation is not just about studying. It involves numerous other factors, including motivation and guidance, that play a crucial role. Attending their online classes after a tiring day always left me feeling motivated, especially when Hunny sir would say, "Beta, everything will fall into place." Despite not interacting much with them personally, their teaching made me forget the daunting challenge of preparing for one of the toughest exams.

My Heroes: Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor are my heroes. I will forever admire how they chose a profession that puts countless others before themselves. They always made me, and all their students, feel like we were doing well, and their impact on us didn't end when we left their classes. I learned a lot from Hunny sir, watching him work tirelessly every day, no matter how exhausted he was.

Gaining Confidence: As an average student, I initially doubted my ability to score well in CAT. However, EG gave me the confidence to try again, despite not achieving the desired percentiles in my first attempt. With their guidance, I eventually scored 91.9 percentile in Verbal, 81.83 percentile in DILR, 93.04 percentile in Quant, and an overall percentile of 92.49.

Gratitude: I am immensely grateful to Gaurav Kapoor and Hunny Malhotra for every lesson, piece of advice, and vote of encouragement. They were never "just teachers" to me, but mentors who believed in my potential and pushed me to achieve my best. Their dedication and hard work inspired me to strive for excellence and make them proud. Thank you, EG, for helping me realize my capabilities and guiding me towards success in CAT 2019.