Preparation Journey For CAT 2019 By Deepak Kumar Behera | CAT 2019 Percentile – 98.95.

CAT 2024

"Grateful for a Remarkable CAT Preparation Journey with Team EG - Insights from Deepak Kumar Behera, CAT 2019 Percentile - 98.95"

Embarking on my CAT preparation journey in May 2019, I decided to join EG after receiving positive feedback from friends and seniors. Looking back, I have no regrets as the dedication of the EG team, including Hunny sir, Gaurav sir, Sushant sir, and Shahzar sir, has been instrumental in my success. Their motivational approach, coupled with their exceptional teaching methods, has pushed me to strive for excellence till the end. In particular, Gaurav sir's LRDI strategies have helped me achieve a 99+ percentile in this section. I am immensely grateful to Team EG for their guidance and support throughout my preparation journey.

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