Can I Crack CAT? I Am An Average Student. Should I Prepare For CAT 2020? Here’s My Journey & I Got 99.55 In CAT 2019.


From Average Student to CAT 2019 Score of 99.55 - SUGAM SINDHI.

Are you wondering if you can crack CAT as an average student? Let me share my journey with you. I joined EG in April 2019 with the aspiration of getting into premier B-schools in India, but I had no idea how to get there. I was an average student with procrastination being my middle name. I joined EG based on a senior's recommendation, despite my initial apprehensions of not hearing much about them. And boy, did I worry in vain!

I vividly remember my first day at EG, attending the Set Theory class on April 18th. I was amazed at how easily others grasped the concepts while I struggled with even the silliest of doubts. However, the EG faculty, including Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor, patiently addressed my doubts and ensured that I was on par with the rest of the class before moving ahead. This level of personal attention and enthusiasm continued throughout my CAT preparation journey, and it was the unwavering support of EG that has been the sole reason for my success.

My laziness vanished during my preparation, and I religiously stuck to the assignments, class discussions, and mock discussions. The marathon booster and revision sessions at EG were invaluable, as they helped me internalize formulas, nuances, shortcuts, and other strategies without even batting an eye. I cannot compare what other institutes might have to offer, but I am willing to bet everything that EG's personalized attention is unparalleled, and it can make or break your chances of cracking the CAT.

I understand that my words may not carry much weight without tangible results. So, to put things into perspective, here are some highlights of my mock scores at EG:

1st mock - SIMCAT 7: Scored 81

5th mock - AIMCAT 2012: Scored 115

24th mock - AIMCAT 2003: Scored 143

28th mock - SIMCAT 15: Scored 156

I hope my journey from being an average student to scoring 99.55 in CAT 2019 inspires you to believe in yourself and consider preparing for CAT 2020. Remember, with the right guidance and perseverance, you can achieve your aspirations, just like I did at EG.

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