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I joined EG classes after the recommendation from a senior. Best decision ever! I believe I am a really average student who outperformed his abilities and scored a 99.76(!!!) only because of the hard work put in and an amazing faculty. Having an extremely dedicated and hardworking faculty has made all the difference honestly.
I am working, and the night classes and numerous sessions after the portion were over been immensely useful. The efforts put in and the number of classes far beats the ones my friends and IMS and TIME had.
LRDI is extremely difficult in CAT, and we had solved so many sets by November, DILR was familiar. QA concepts were very strong right from the beginning because the classes were very detailed. And VA is all about knowing the right approach and eliminating options. With dedication and a good mentor+teacher, I believe one can crack CAT :)

Chirag Makhija

99.76%iler in CAT 2018

My journey for CAT started in the month of November 2016. The day I was certain ki Haan Bhai MBA karna hai, my brother a former student of ElitesGrid batch 2015 told me to get in touch with Hunny Malhotra. I messaged him, joined EG and began my journey for CAT 2017. From the first day onwards sir yahi Baat bolte Gaye stay committed ,true and passionate towards your preparation baaki haath pakadke paar karwaunga main CAT. Sir 500+ hours of regular classes 3 boosters and innumerable events, assignments and workshops karke aaj aapki sab mehnat kal ke "faaadu" exam mein rang laayi. 
I had relied highly only on Elites Grid material and forum for my CAT preparation. Thank you sir for your great efforts in shaping our preparation. Big Thanks to Gaurav Kapoor sir for being a great mentor and person. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from being an LRDI student of yours. ( Slot 1- 20 attempt). Your lrdi series was commendable. Both Of you have taught not only me but every student under you "Hard work always pays". In hunny sir's words " mehnat karo. Apna best do. Baaki sab RAB rakha"

What I believe is you need right guidance and support and then cat is just a trouble- free road in realising your dream.
Thank you once again for your combined efforts and I am totally satisfied with my performance which would not have been possible without all your efforts help and support. 
Kudos to elites grid πŸ™‚

Arush Kapoor

IIM Lucknow

It has been more than 12 hours since the most awaited results are declared. Some are happy, some are sad, I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I still remember that day in last week of July, when I had transferred the course fees to Elitesgrid account, I was like, "Itne fees mein kya hi milega. Thoda bahut quant LRDI practise ho jaaye kaafi hai". But I was proven entirely wrong.

Hunny sir, though I call him sir, and he calls me "Bro" or "Bhai", yes, that's how cool a mentor he is, made this CAT prep journey memorable and worthwhile. Those "We will start in 5 minutes" to "Isko inbox kardo, iska video bana dunga", were such a delight to the ears. From 70 Percentile in Quants in my first mock back in June to a 98.44 Percentile in Quants in CAT, would not have been possible had sir not said "Trust karo beta, Ek choti silly mistake tumhari honeymoon Switzerland se Shimla pahuncha sakti hai". I know I did not do justice to the hardwork that he put for us, considering my overall Percentile, but yes, I am happy because I now know what it takes to be a 99 percentiler and if I do not convert the few calls I have, I will again get to attend classes of this wonderful mentor for CAT 2018. Thank you for everything. 😊

I think I have practised less of CL and IMS booklets and more of "Gaurav Kapoor posted in CAT Preparation-Elitesgrid" type questions. Those questions in red border, questions in black background yellow font etc, Gaurav sir made sure we never lacked practise. Those LRDI events, those more than 50 LRDI video solutions on Youtube, Gaurav Sir is the man who works behind the scenes but without whom EG is incomplete. Thank you for everything. 😊

Sushant Kohli sir, thoroughly enjoyed your VARC sessions. Be it CAT, be it IIFT, be it SNAP, be it XAT, I am still not able to recall any type of question which you haven't revised and made us practise. You really made Verbal enjoyable. Thank you for everything. 😊

Shahzar Khan sir, you have been an awesome guide to me in matters related to MBA and stuff. Your vast knowledge on everything is what inspires me to be like you. Your humourous take on some posts done in this group lightens up the mood everytime. Thank you for everything. 😊

MBA 2017-18 session summed up. All credits to Elitesgrid for making me realise my potential and making me dream big.

Sarthak Rout


I joined EG in January 2018. I attended almost all the classes. I got 82%ile in LRDI and 88%ile in QA last year and an overall 93.xx. This year I got 99%ile in LRDI and 99.86 in QA with an overall of 99.79. This was possible only because of EG. Before joining the class, I thought aptitude is something one cannot develop. But now I feel that with right guidance and proper practice, aptitude can be developed.

During January to May, I watched all the classes, completed assignments and practiced enough questions. All topics were covered from the basics in the course. The unique methods to tackle each type of questions in QA, a variety of sets and systematic approach to them in LRDI and summarizing the paragraphs & elimination of options in VARC were the main things that helped me to form a strong base. From June, when the mock season started, I started attempting them. My preparation was not complete. But this has helped me to know where I stand and gave me ample time to analyze and improve the scores. Also, the mock discussions and live attempts by EG faculty helped a lot when I got stuck at some score ranges. Watching Hunny sir scoring 102/102 in a live attempt gave me the confidence to increase my attempts from 20 questions to 30+ questions in QA. It also made me realize what I was doing wrong. Doubt events conducted throughout the year gave exposure to a wide variety of questions and solutions. I am thankful to the whole EG team and the aspirants for helping me achieve 99.79%ile in CAT 18.

I would ask all future aspirants to go through the classes, assignments, mocks and analysis with discipline and focus. All the best!!!

Jeswin Joy

99.79%iles in CAT 2018

Remember, if you are a part of EG and have diligently followed every advice of the EG, there is absolutely no one better prepared than you are. All the important questions were discussed by EG faculty which helped a great deal. And there were also live mock attempts which gave me a new idea of solving questions in rounds. (very effective if you have time issues in QA)

Role of EG:
Live classes are way more interesting and interactive than recordings. 24/7 doubt solving, like literally 24/7. They don’t sleep. Live Mock attempt: Very educational. Approachable faculty: More like friends than teachers, so you can ask all doubts, no matter how silly.
Study from Basics. No shortcuts which work on only particular cases. You know the basics, you can solve almost anything. Different approaches to one single question. Booster Course _/\_ . Revision Classes: You will remember every formula in quant. Anytime Motivation

Swastik Sovan Panda

99.84 %iles in CAT 2018

I highly recommend Elites Grid to everyone. EG feels like the perfect home for CAT prep. You'll be hosted by one of the most humble and hardworking faculties in the online coaching circuit - Hunny Malhotra sir. His dedication in itself will push you to increase your percentile by a considerable amount. Mock solving, Sectional Discussion, Live paper attempts, CONTINUOUS question and doubts discussion are backbones of the structure that is EG. But the best part, whilst other institutes are snobbish about their achievements, EG is grounded and that is what makes them special and approachable to many.

Rishi Juthani

99.9 %iles CAT 2018


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