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Our team has people who have worked with Adobe, McKinsey, Vedanta, Deutsche Bank, Amazon, DE Shaw. We have people who have graduated from FMS, IIM Indore, Xavier’s, MICA, and people who have converted most of these colleges but chose not to join them for they wanted to continue working with EG to make a difference.

But there’s more.

The EG team also has a QA 100 Percentiler. An LRDI 99.8 Percentiles. A VA 99+ Percentiler. What more can a student ask for?


The best institution for online CAT prep where if you are determined to work hard , EG wont disappoint you in terms of effort and hard work put by them. Due to their rich experienced faculty one is assured to succeed. The webinar classes they provide are too good to crack CAT. Their fee is too less when compared to other coaching institutes which are there for CAT preparation. Webinar classes feels like REAL CLASSROOM COACHING. Above all every faculty member, Hunny sir is the best in his field. He puts his heart to teach and that's what gets reflected


CAT 2017 Student

EG is the best online coaching platform for cat aspirants.
All the faculties have deep knowledge of exam pattern and have a great plan for your all the MBA exams.
The patience level of Hunny sir, Shazar sir and Gaurav sir is really appreciated.
I always recommend cat aspirants to join EG as they are giving their 200% for us.

Rahul Raj

CAT 2018 Student

I strongly recommend EG to our future students. The biggest advantage that students can get here is personalized attention and very strong faculty. Hunny sir and Gaurav sir are there to solve your doubts even at 4am. Shahzar sir and Nitesh sir are there to solve your VA doubts.(They gave me this amazing formula of cracking RCs. This included listing down your mistakes after solving an RC and try not to make the same mistakes in the next RC you solve. I had always maintained an excel sheet for the same). I always wondered when they sleep. :p

The second most important thing that will bring a difference in your level of preparation is amazing methods of teaching. They will explain the things to you even if you ask them for the hundredth time. I joined XYZ coaching institute in 2016 and with my experience, I can tell you that you will not get this sort of exposure anywhere. The most amusing thing is these coaching institutes waste their time on irrelevant questions which these days are not asked in entrance exams. But the types of questions I encountered in EG had a direct application in all entrance exams. Apart from this, the Quant and LRDI booster program of EG presents to you such a great range of quality questions which you wouldn’t encounter anywhere. So I can proudly say EG brought a difference in my life.



 you enter the webinar, first question, you see the time you took tosolve the question in the Aimcat: 2:mins 30 seconds , thn Hunny Malhotra sir gives an approach that can solve the question in mere 20-30 seconds, it doesnt stop here, hegives you 2-3 similar questions on that same concept  during the webinar so that the same concept resonates in your mind and you dont forget; jitni baar doubts nhipuchte usse zyada baar to Hunny sir puchlete hai koi  doubt hai, koi doubt hai; for a person like me who doesn't have that much speed to solve questions,  learning these short useful tricks and practising them over and over again has helped me a lot; last year I didn't get a score above 70 in QA even once  (not even during CAT 15), this year I have given 6 mocks, I have never scored below 50 and have got a  score of above 70 twice in QA; this is the differencethat he makes to your performance.

Aman Garg



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