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Our Faculty take the CAT every year and crack it on a regular basis.
EG team has ardent mentors working everyday to raise the level of our
students manifold for CAT & other aptitude exams.

EG Director has scored 99.94 Percentile in Quantitative Aptitude,
99.70 Percentile in Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning in CAT 2016
& 99.975 Percentile in Quantitative Aptitude in XAT 2017.


" I am also a cat repeater and quant not being my Forte it was hard for me to solve quant but after joining Elite grid I am getting better by the day.. And in cat one must learn new and get better almost everyday.. Apart from this Hunny Malhotra is a great human being.. I regularly ask him silly questions and he answers me promptly.. And the important part.. Doubt solving is anytime anyday you just ping him and he will solve your query.. I would say don't think twice before joining.. And va by shahzar sir is icing on the cake he explains every concept in simplest form that is easily understandable that's what you need during your prep days.. I was also in same dilemma asked many others whether to join or not and in the process messaged 10 guys from those who joined and everybody gave same response... So in all he is one of the best in busines "

Dhruv Solanki


" The unconventional and short approaches for questions as taught by Hunny Malhotra and Shahzar sir sir help in increasing the scores and when combined with more questions similar to the types help in getting a better understanding of the concept. Mock analysis is one of the most important part of Cat preparation and if we get a guide and a mentor like him who helps in the process it's like a cheery on top of the cake. "

Shubham Khandelwal


" you enter the webinar, first question, you see the time you took to solve the question in the Aimcat: 2:mins 30 seconds , thn Hunny Malhotra sir gives an approach that can solve the question in mere 20-30 seconds, it doesnt stop here, he gives you 2-3 similar questions on that same concept during the webinar so that the same concept resonates in your mind and you dont forget; jitni baar doubts nhi puchte usse zyada baar to Hunny sir puchlete hai koi doubt hai, koi doubt hai; for a person like me who doesn't have that much speed to solve questions, learning these short useful tricks and practising them over and over again has helped me a lot; last year I didn't get a score above 70 in QA even once (not even during CAT 15), this year I have given 6 mocks, I have never scored below 50 and have got a score of above 70 twice in QA; this is the difference that he makes to your performance. "

Aman Garg


"For every sum there remains two approach, solving the conventional way or through the options. Its all about getting the ans correct in the short span of time. And Elites Grid course exactly does the same. It not only guides you with the shortest approach but also tells you how to avoid the traps. The bonus being examples discussed of the same types, as a result the methods are deeply incepted and similar sums are solved much faster than before. Thanks Hunny and Shahzar Sir "

Kaji Mosiur Rahman



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